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Product Information

“Document management is the process of capturing and managing documents electronically, providing a single point of access to all your business critical information from its creation to its archival or destruction.”

Paper Based Systems – The Problems

  • Offices can generate a huge volume of important correspondence which has to be filed securely presenting you with three major headaches:
  • How to manage the large volume of paper – leading to loss of staff time and internal & offsite storage costs.
  • How to make the documents easily and repeatedly accessible by the right people.
  • How to share files yet avoid misfiled, unreturned and lost files.

The Solution:

Flickthru document management software was developed by the very people who use it! Because of this it fits in with an office enviroment seamlessly. It is intuitive, simple to use and will save you time and money.

How Flickthru works:

All incoming post is scanned to the relevant client file and, simultaneously, to the on-screen inbox of the manager for whom it is intended.

Outgoing letters,spreadsheets are automatically saved to the client file and any attachments are scanned to the file directly from the scanner.

At the same time as the scanning OCR (Optical Character Recognition) takes place so that the documents text can be stored and searched for easy access.

Documents are stored sequentially in the clients file and can be easily accessed via the client’s file name, date or using keywords.  Thumbnails are color coded to match types of work for easy .

Most document management software systems are based on a system where results are returned via a list, allowing users to select a document and review….. select a document and review…. select a document and review. It can all take too long to find the document without adding very specific criteria to a search.

FlickThru's document management software redefines this by returning all documents stitched together chronologically as one file, making review of documents more efficient – you can literally flick through the documents sequentially; just as you would a paper based filing system.

Furthermore with Flickthru document management software:

  • Documents are filed immediately – Scan/OCR and store a document all in one easy action. No more lost documents and no more waiting for documents to get filed or returned!
  • You can search and retrieve documents quickly and efficiently, via both indexes and full text key word searching.
  • It enables the flow of documents around your organisation for review without removing them from their files.
  • Documents are encrypted for peace of mind.
  • You can link documents for easy review of specific issues – no more yellow Post its!
  • Our document management software is built using Microsoft technology and runs on Microsoft servers.


Experience the benefits of Flickthru document management software for yourself. Call 01273 324163 or email enquires@flickthru.co.uk to book a FREE demonstration