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Welcome to FlickThru Document Management

A Paperless Office Solution designed with simplicity in mind.

  • Keeping clients waiting on the phone whilst you search their files for documents?
  • Searching for files that are just not there?
  • Paying out a salary for a full time filing clerk or paying experienced staff whilst they file their own documents?
  • Paying for storage?

Why Flickthru?

A simple to use and inexpensive replacement for any filing cabinet system, Flickthru's paperless office solution is an electronic document management system which allows you to look through your files, as if they were on your desk! Our paperless office software offers the convenience of paper without the storage space.

Flickthru's document management software saves you paper, time, physical space and money.

Key Benefits:

  • Client correspondence documents are linked together, sequentially or chronologically on screen. Flick through just as if you were using a paper file – only faster!
  • Documents filed immediately - no more waiting for documents to be filed, or returned, and no more lost correspondence.
  • Rapid search and retrieval of documents on screen – no more keeping the client waiting.
  • Cost savings in staffing and storage.

See Product Info for more details as to how Flickthru's paperless office solutions can transform your document management procedures.

Experience the benefits of Flickthru's paperless office software for yourself. Call us on 01273 324163 or email enquiries@flickthru.co.uk to book a FREE demonstration.

Flickthru paperless office solutions: creators of paperless office software, with document management software designed with simplicity in mind.